Aerial bombing ~ Introduction ~ Aerial Bombing  ~ The Thirties and the Second World War ~ Bombing of Japan ~ The atomic bomb ~ Dropping the atomic bomb - was it necessary? ~ Recent wars and developments in technology ~ Civilian bombing and cluster bombing in Afghanistan And Iraq ~ Aerial bombing – ethical and legal considerations ~ Concluding comment ~ End Notes ~ (1) The bombing of Hamburg – W.G.Sebald ~ (2) Potsdam Declaration ~ (3) Petition to the President ~ (4) The Russell - Einstein letter ~ (5) Control of nuclear weapons – a sketch of post-war attempts at control (2000)

The ethics of capitalism
~ The ethic of capitalist hedonism, its origin and rise to dominance ~Satisfaction of wants: utilitarianism and neo-classical economics ~ The capacity to satisfy wants ~ From the satisfaction to the manufacture of wants, the movement to capitalist hedonism ~ Advertising – the liberal entrée ~Analysis and recapitulation of the implications of capitalist hedonism ~ Endnote ~ Social Darwinism, neo-classical economics and natural rights - a note ~ Footnotes

Voluntary euthanasia
~ Introduction ~ Ethics, the values of respect for life, relief of suffering and autonomy ~ Law and Ethics, contrast and similarities ~significance of community attitudes, voluntary euthanasia as an exception ~ The Northern Territorry Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1995 ~The question of a ‘slippery slope’ ~ Footnotes

Prevention of cruelty to animals