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Essays on History, Law and Ethics

Welcome to www.johngreenwell.id.au. John Greenwell is a retired lawyer who lives in Canberra, Australia. Since retiring in 1992, he has written the collection of historical, philosophical and legal essays that appear on this site. The essays on law, jurisprudence and ethics result from a lifelong practice in the law, which included his legal work on the independence of Papua New Guinea. John has written essays on the early history of Amnesty International, to which he has belonged since 1962. Essays are grouped under headings on  jurisprudence and law, ethicsAmnesty International, Papua New Guinean law and independence and the largest body, comprising the historical essays in which he explores the evolution of the humanitarian idea and the humanitarian movement of the 18th and 19th centuries.That movement, as described in these essays, is distinguished from philanthropy, and arose from a remarkable combination of Enlightenment ideas and New Testament ethics. The index provides readers with an alternative means of navigating the site while you can learn more about John on the biography page. 

historical essays | jurisprudence and law| papua new guinea law and independence | ethics | amnesty international | index | biography | correspondence |

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